by Clasp

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from some basements and some bedrooms across the US during a very something winter, 2015-2016


released June 27, 2017

Arranged, written + performed by Kat Bean
Drums, Pat Conaboy
Backup Vocals on "Very Large Weed", Tim Jordan
Egg + tamb on everything, Evan Bernard

Field recordings from private collection of kb

Engineered by Evan Bernard
Mixed by Chris Baglivo
both of Big Mama's Big Recording, Phila. Pa

Mastered by Ryan Schwabe, Phila. PA

Album art shot by Adam Peditto
Styled + sewn by Kat Bean

Can you see me now?



all rights reserved


Clasp Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

songs by kb
Live, Clasp is
Pierce Jordan, bass + vocals
Jeremy Colonna, drums
Kat Bean, guitar + vocals

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Track Name: Centipede
Bury me at Fishing Creek,
the water is warm enough for me.
What wild women, how we weep.
Why are you so scared of me?

Just tell me something real.
Do you love me, centipede?
Track Name: Sorry to Catch You On Your Way Out
Succumb to it. I am wrapped in this mist and I am trying to forget it.

Would you erase me?
I know you would.
The taste of cyanide came right at the wrong time.

Trapped inside some paisley room, I could never get close to you. Incense and cigarettes cloaking grudge and regret.

"You don't know me at all, you don't know me."
Track Name: Orange Juice
Fluorescent water is burning my tongue. I'll walk a little further with you, but then I got to go.

I tell myself, "it's alright, it's alright."
I tell myself, "it's gonna be fine, it's alright."

A crescent moon washes over this moment.
Just let it come naturally.
Please, don't look away.

I tell myself, "it's alright, it's alright."
I convince myself it's going to be fine.
It's alright.
Two years is a very long time for me.
It's alright.
But, please just tie these loose ends with me tonight.
Track Name: Little God
The longest winter in my memory
There you were four of swords so stoic and sweet. A mess of tangles and so full of charm, like you were made for me.

Yea, you're a god
You're a little god

I still love you, how bittersweet. Dirty water glass collecting the rest of you and me. Yell my name and please throw my shit in the street. You, me and the devil does make three.

Yea, you're a god
You're a little god

"I hurt you so bad, my baby. How I wish we could exchange all of those things we said."
Call it awful, anything you want. What's done is done is done is done.

Yea, you're a god
You're a little god
You're a god
You're a god
You're a little god
Track Name: Crushed Penny
Crushing pennies on the tracks by your house
Count the ranges in the roof of your mouth
Your kind of daydream really escapes me
I'm so bored with it, insignificant.
I get over it with you.

You really think I would succumb to it?
Don't you know I'm bigger than this shit?
I saw you two just walking around
It's so hard to get lost when you're found
I get over it with you.

Do they know what you did to me?
Little angel not so sweet in your sleep
I'll stand still, you keep running around.
Maybe one day it'll catch up to you
I'm so bored of this shit, it's true.